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Lean Manufacturing: Principles, Training, Case Studies

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Practical, compact, and engaging, CareerShorts™ are a leading eLearning solution designed to accelerate critical employability skill development in a fast-changing global marketplace. Each CareerShorts™ course is 45-60 minutes in length, equipped with quizzes, resources, comprehensive learning assessments, and a branded course certificate of completion. All courses are delivered over the Internet for easy online training access. Students/Employees can take these courses anytime, anywhere, at their convenience. Click here to learn more.

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Are you looking for e-learning courses? Are you a Content Developer looking for a platform to deploy your product? Do you need a simple, easy to use, totally secure e-commerce platform to launch your training courses? eLeaP™ is that platform. Contact us today for information on how easy it is to create content, manage your trainees/users, deploy your courses.

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